What is an RSZ Design Concept?


An RSZ Design Concept is a resource binder that is created for each specific client.  This binder will include pictures, drawings, list of resources, materials, fabrics, prices of how each and every specific room in your house will look once you have completed each and every one of these projects.  With the RSZ Design Concept Binder, you can choose to paint the rooms yourself as you will have the name, brand, color formula of each and every room or you can choose to hire a painter or use one of our own -- it will all depend on your budget.  You will continue to enhance your home as your budget allows it, and this resource binder will be your guide.  If you get stuck or need our assistance at any point, we are only a phone call away.  This is a cost effective option, when budgets are limited.  Most of our first time home buyers, choose this option.